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Pastor Kris "Our God, Jesus." video       2013/12/29
  Colossians 1:15-20 voice      

Pastor Kris "God and Sinners Reconciled!" video       2013/12/22
  Colossians 1:19-23 voice      

Pastor Kris "Forthcoming" video       2013/12/15
 Colossians 1:9-17 voice      

Pastor Kris "Missions Sunday 2013" video       2013/12/08
 Corinthians 9:1-2 voice      

Pastor Kris "Gospel Advent, Part 1" video       2013/12/01
 Colossians 1:1-8, 28-29. voice      

Pastor Kevin "It’s Not About the Wall" video support
Message Guide 2013/11/24
 Nehemiah 8 voice    

Pastor Kevin "Opposition" video support
Message Guide 2013/11/17
 Nehemiah 4 voice    

Adam Palmer "Kingdom Constants" video support
Message Guide 2013/11/10
 Luke 19:1-10 voice    

Pastor Horikawa "Prayer for the Kingdom" video     2013/11/03
 Matthew 6:9-13 voice    

Pastor Kris "Last Day Poradoxes" video     2013/10/27
 Luke 17:20-37 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Hustle and Flow" video     2013/10/20
 Matthew 25:14-30 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Death and New Life" video     2013/10/13
 Romans 6:3-14 voice    

James Gray "Good News, Life Doesn't Have To Be All About Us" video     2013/10/06
 Ephesians 2:1-10 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Ready" video     2013/09/29
 Luke 12:35-40 voice    

Pastor Kris "For Mission Sunday" video     2013/09/22
 Mark 12:41-44 voice    

Adam Palmer "Kingdom Infancy" video support
Message Guide 2013/09/15
 Matthew 18:1-5 voice    

Pastor Horokawa "Go and Work in the Kingdom
 of God"
video     2013/09/08
 Matthew 22:28-32 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Crossroads" video     2013/09/01
 Matthew 22:1-14 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Status" video     2013/08/25
 Matthew 20:1-16 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Mercy" video     2013/08/18
 Matthew 18:21-35 voice    

Pastor Kris "Kingdom Rich" video     2013/08/11
 Matthew 19:16-30 voice    

Adam Palmer "Kingdom Hearts" video support
Message Guide 2013/08/04
 Matthew 12:33-37 voice    

Pastor Kris "kingdom Physics"
Jesus walks on water
video     2013/07/28
 Mark 6:45-52 voice    

Pastor Kevin You See The Problem We Are In video     2013/07/21
 Nehemiah 2:17-18 voice    

Pastor Horikawa New Kingdom video     2013/07/14
 Matthew 11:2-13 voice    

Pastor Kris Kingdom Provision video     2013/07/07
 Mark 6:32-44 voice    

Pastor Kris Kingdom Great video     2013/06/30
 Matthew 11:7-15 voice    

Pastor Kris Kingdom Sent video     2013/06/23
 Matthew 9:35-10:7 voice    

Pastor Kris Kingdom Priority:
  Kingdom Seeking
video     2013/06/16
 Matthew 6:25-34

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Joy: Found Sheep2 video     2013/06/09
 Luke 15:1-7

Pastor Nozomu
 Nozomu's testimony video     2013/06/02
 Ephesians 1:17-19

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Joy:Found Sheep video     2013/05/26
 Luke 15:1-7

Pastor Kris  The Narrow Door video     2013/05/19
 Luke 13:22-30

Pastor Horikawa  A Mother's Love video     2013/05/12
 Matthew 20:20-23 

Pastor Kris  Testimony "Mother's Day" voice 2013/05/12

Pastor Kevin  Nehemiah 2:1-8 video     2013/05/05

Pastor Kris  The Kingdom Costs video     2013/04/28
 Luke 14:25-35

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Contact video     2013/04/21
 Luke 8:40-56

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Confrontation video     2013/04/14
 Luke 8:26-39

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Cleansing video     2013/04/07
 Mark 1:40-45

Pastor Kris  The Kingdom will be preached video     2013/03/31
 Luke 24:44-49

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Lights video     2013/03/24
 Luke 8:16-18

Pastor Kris  Kingdom Listening video     2013/03/17
 Luke 8:5-8,11-15

Pastor Horikawa  Calm in the Storm video     2013/03/10
 Mark 4:35-41

Pastor Kris  Treasure and Pearl Kingdom video     2013/03/03
 Matthew 13:44-46

Pastor Kris  Wheat and Weed Kingdom video     2013/02/24
 Matthew 24-30,36-43


Pastor Kevin  Broken video support
Message Guide 2013/02/17
 Nehemiah 4:1-4


Pastor Kris  Trinity Institute of Cambodia
   Link to Record's report
voice support
Message Guide 2013/02/03
  Helen's Encouragement voice   

Pastor Horikawa  Change The World! video   2013/01/27
 Luke 6:26-36


Pastor Kris  Counter Culture Kingdom video   2013/01/20
 Luke 6:20-26


Pastor Kris  Kingdom Members video   2013/01/13
 Luke 8:1-3

voice support
Message Guide

Pastor Kris  Repentance and
  the Kingdom of God
video   2013/01/06
 Mark 1:15

voice support
Message Guide