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Pastor Kris
My First Japanese Christmas Play Download 2007/12/23

Pastor Kris
Hope in Misery
Luke 2:8-20
Play Download 2007/12/16

Pastor Horikawa
Chistmas Story
Play Download 2007/12/09

Pastor Kevin
Love Like God, Give Like God

Play Download 2007/12/02

Pastor Kevin
What Do You Want?

Play Download 2007/11/25

Pastor Horikawa
Message of the Cross
Play Download 2007/11/18

Pastor Kris
Prayer of Moses
Psalm 90
Play Download 2007/11/11

Pastor Kevin
Thank God
Anything to be thankful for?
Play Download 2007/11/04

Pastor Horikawa
Message of the Cross
Play Download 2007/10/28

Pastor Kris
God in Our Work
Exodus 35
Play Download 2007/10/21

“God In Our Life” Series Part3
Pastor Kris
God On Our Face
Exodus 34:29-35
Play Download 2007/10/14

“God In Our Life” Series Part2
Pastor Kris
God In Our Journey
Exodus 33:12-17
Play Download 2007/10/07

“God In Our Life” Series Part1
Pastor Kris
The Consequence of Impatience
Play Download 2007/09/30

Pastor Kris
The True Meaning of Love
The 10 commandments Part3
Play Download 2007/09/23

Pastor Horikawa
Massages of the Cross
Play Download 2007/09/16

Pastor Kris
God's Top Five
The 10 commandments Part2
Play Download 2007/09/09

Pastor Kris
Rules are NOT meant to be Broken Play Download 2007/09/02

The 10 commandments Part1
Pastor Kris
The Man in the Middle
God's Holiness and God's
Play Download 2007/08/19

Mediation  Part2
Pastor Kris
Holy Smoke!
God's Holiness and God's
Play Download 2007/08/12

Mediation  Part1
Pastor Kevin
Peace Memorial Service Play Download 2007/08/05
Worsip Service 2007/07/29

Onnuri Church,
Worship & Dance Play Download 2007/07/22

Darryl Record
Missionaries to Cambodia Play Download 2007/07/15

Pastor Kris
God's Treasured Possession Play Download 2007/07/08

Pastor Horikawa
Massages of the Cross
Play Download 2007/07/01

Pastor Kris
Do The Right Thing Play Download 2007/06/24

Pastor Kevin
Just Be Nice Play Download 2007/06/10
Pastor Kris
The Battle of Rephidim Play Download 2007/06/03
Pastor Kevin
Jesus The Bread of Life Play Download 2007/05/27
Pastor Kris
Manna in the Desert Play Download 2007/05/20
Dr. Andy McIntosh
Wonder of Flying Play Download 2007/05/13

The Authenticity of the Bible Play Download
Pastor Kevin
The Widow of Nain and Jesus Play Download 2007/05/06
Pastor Ken Elington Mission Report from Turkey Play Download 2007/04/29
Pastor Kris
Crossing the Red Sea Play Download 2007/04/22
Pastor Kris
Be Still Play Download 2007/04/15
Pastor Kris
Do You Believe This? Play Download 2007/04/08
Pastor Kris
The Pass over Play Download 2007/04/01
Pastor Mike Gaithe
Jesus is no answer Play Download 2007/03/25

Pastor Kris
The Judgment of God Play Download 2007/03/18

Pastor Horikawa
The Cross Play Download 2007/03/11

Pastor Kris
The Power of God Play Download 2007/03/04

Pastor Kris
The Name of God Play Download 2007/02/25

Pastor Kris
Receiving Our Calling in Life
Play Download 2007/02/18

Pastor Horikawa
The Message of The Cross,Death Play Download 2007/02/11

Pastor Kris Your Character and Your Calling Play Download 2007/02/04

Pastor Kris It's all about Timing Play Download 2007/01/28

Pastor Kevin The message ,The messenger Play Download 2007/01/21

Pastor Horikawa
The message of The Cross 2007/01/14

Pastor Kris
Shine Like Stars Play Download 2007/01/07